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In a sense, our relationships with places are similar to those which we have with other people: dialogical, stretched across time, and constantly in motion.
Older inmates are not constantly targeted, but the situation exists – to be old in prison is perceived to be a sign of weakness.
The method constantly selects a set of categories at the medium-high level of generality, different for each domain, with reasonable performances.
However, as soon as the circumstances change, even applied constantly, the neutrality of the rule”s impact will vanish, for the worst or for the best.
One way of thinking about human existence through time, then, is to say that we are constantly handing down a set of possibilities to ourselves.
It is suggested that the device is so sophisticated that it could make complicated decisions and constantly evolve lượt thích a real biological entity.
The tropomyosin gene, which was used as a control, also appears to be constantly expressed in both stages.
These students constantly drifted away from the society and throughout the late nineteenth century membership levels waxed and waned dramatically.
It is a totality of which the parts are constantly changing without affecting the continuity of the totality itself.
Rather, they were also constantly redefined by events taking place in their home country and their relationships with other immigrant groups.

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The volume of administrative procedures regulating access to national territory and organizing border controls has constantly increased.
The number of local administrators increased constantly since 1982, especially at two levels, the departmental level, and the commune.
He constantly makes use of the opportunities presented by the truyền thông media age, but does not always consider the effect of his supposedly discriminating, abstract language.
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a pair of tubes with glass lenses at either end that you look through to see things far away more clearly

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