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Công Ty Tnhh Loyalty Plus Là Gì ? Loyaltyplus Vietnam – viettingame

Complete web based loyalty platform that allows an airline or retail community to manage their members and partners.

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End to end solution for airline, retail and leisure businesses. Complete solution and application interface for end users and loyalty program owners.

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Best For: Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Education, and any vertical where customer retention and loyalty are key in accelerating growth.
Best For: Omnichannel Loyalty program perfect for any sized business in all industries. Our clients range from a single location to multi-store franchises in over 15 industry types around the globe.
Best For: TapMango is a perfect solution for any retail store that wants to retain their customers, find innovative ways to sell to existing customers and attract customers via cutting-edge referral mechanisms.
Best For: Small, medium and large businesses – Any Industry – US, Canada and UK. Perfect for independent merchants. chain stores and franchises. Offered Standalone or Square POS or Vend POS Integrated
Best For: For companies with large communities of customers/users (50k+) or employees (1k+) requiring high-performance engagement, loyalty & gamification and enterprise integrations.
Best For: Medium & Large Brand Entreprise, focus industry F&B, Beauty, Fashion, Banking, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Automotive.
Best For: PeopleVine was built for private clubs and member-based business looking to provide premier and elevated experiences for their members.
Best For: Spruce is ideal for: LBM Dealers, Hardware Stores, Home Centers, Kitchen & Bath Showrooms, Plumbing/Electrical/HVAC Supply, Window/Door/Millwork, Tile/Flooring Supply, Masonry/Brick/ Concrete Supply.
Best For: Marsello is for retail businesses that want to do smart, targeted marketing to drive sales. Best suited for businesses using eCommerce and POS.
Higher Logic’s Customer Loyalty platform enables better customer support, natural customer advocacy, and increased customer retention….
Acquire new customers, improve loyalty and generate more revenue with a simple yet powerful solution. …
Kangaroo’s is a white-label, omni-channel customer loyalty marketing platform. Great for small businesses and franchise networks. …

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RepeatRewards is a highly-rated software that automates your loyalty marketing and works seamlessly with custom marketing campaigns….
Leading white-labeled/branded loyalty program. Recognize spend and visits, increase customer retention and foster growth. +sms +email…
Annex Cloud is the leader in enterprise customer loyalty solutions that transform the customer experience….
Marketing Platform for eCommerce, designed to boost sales and customer retention through product reviews and customer loyalty programs….
For enterprises with 50k+ customers, high-performance solution for customer engagement, loyalty, and recognition. Since 2008….
Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more….
Pros: Flexible, we have a lot of partners some with discounts others with points and each have different rules. We can extract reports per member, community or partner, these reports can even be customized to our suppliers needs (eg debit orders, funeral or benefit extract, commission report ). With Campaign Manager we can send e-mails and Sms’e to our members. Even invoices to our partners. We have been with Loyalty Plus since 2004 growing from 3 to 31 communities, they are always open for new development and changes.
Cons: We see development as a push of a button, but they say it’s a lot of coding (secret word IT people use)
Overall: Apart from the ease of use and user-friendly approach, it helps us to build and maintain a unique database which enables us to do more target driven marketing promotions for our clients.
Pros: Ease of use – like the way that each section is group together, example member and partner accounts.
Cons: Response time for Customer Support is too slow – waiting period for support creates problem with in-house client base.
Pros: The pricing – value for money (low cost of ownership). The fact that the system is completely scalable, customisable and very competitive.The technology LoyaltyPlus uses is proven, and everything is cloud hosted. LoyaltyPlus continually improves their offering, and have been doing so for over 25 years. They are available internationally.From a front-end brand perspective, this software keeps customers loyal to the brand which provides a cutting edge competitiveness which speaks for itself. Customers love freebies – being rewarded and being made to feel special, and I highly recommend LoyaltyPlus’ software when it comes to improved return on investment. The liability invested in the programme will definitely be gained and much more.
Cons: The ease of use and functionality could be improved upon, and the product mix will take time to develop and mature.
Overall: What a great company, excellent customer service, and very competitive pricing. They really rate top amongst the best loyalty programs.
Overall: This software has been able to manage the records of all the Frequent flyers and its very easy to find details.

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Pros: The software is easy to use and able to browse the different functionality easily. Also the functions are well defined
Cons: Well Since i have very limited access will not be able to advise on that. But still would prefer to have a good attractive presentation.

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