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We’re three 30+ who wants to enjoy some nostalgic moments over a couple of beer one night. Anyone knows best way to get hold of and play red alert 2?



You can get Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge via The Ultimate Collection on Origin (which gives you all C&C games minus the remasters). It’s $20 on Origin’s site or $8 on G2A if you use that site a lot. You can also head over to CnCNet to download the installer for Yuri’s Revenge to make use of their compatibility tools and online services. My fixed launchers are also a good tool to use for the other games as well, if you fancy playing the other titles at some point.

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Regular RA2 might have to be tweaked a bit in order to get it working. You’ll have to edit the RA2.ini file to include VideoBackBuffer=no under the

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8 months ago

Oh, wow! Thank you for the gold! Hope y’all have fun reliving some good old times 🙂

Just thought of the following as well after posting my first comment:

If you have any further questions regarding the installation of CnCNet, you can direct them towards the official Discord server for CnCNet.

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You may also find these guides/sites helpful as well: CNCNZ and CNC.Community.

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And one more thing that I cannot stress enough: PLEASE disable Origin In Game for your C&C games if you get The Ultimate Collection; you can do so by right clicking the game’s picture in your Origin Game Library, going to Game Properties, then unchecking the box for that feature. It helps with keeping the games slightly more stable and eligible to use my fixed launchers (the feature is required to be turned off for my launchers’ installer to patch the games correctly, if you go ahead and use them; more details in the launchers’ description on ModDB). The Cloud Saves option may have to be disabled as well so you don’t constantly get an error from Origin that says something like “Unable to fetch previous save game”.

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