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comment /”kɔment/ danh từ lời commentto make comments on an sự kiện: comment một sự khiếu nại lời chú giải, lời chú thích, lời dẫn giải lời phê bình, lời chỉ trích nội động từ commentto comment upon a text: comment một bài văn chú thích, dẫn giải phê bình, chỉ tríchto comment on (upon) someone”s behaviour: phê bình của người nào
bình luậnchú giảicomment code: mã chú giảicomment line: dòng chú giảicomment statement: mệnh đề chú giảilong comment: dòng chú giải dàichú thíchcomment line: dòng chú thíchlong comment: lời chú thích dàidiễn giảighi chúcomment facility: lời ghi chúlời chú giảilời chú thíchlong comment: lời chú thích dàilời dẫn giảiLĩnh vực: toán & tindòng chú giảilong comment: dòng chú giải dàisự chú giảiLĩnh vực: xây dựngtránh chú giảicomment entrymục dẫn giảicomment entrymục nhập dẫn giảicomment linedòng dẫn giảicomment outghi chúcomment panebảng thông báoto comment (vs)bình luậnto comment (vs)chú thíchto comment (vs)dẫn giải



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Từ điển Collocation

comment noun

ADJ. brief | fair, favourable What she said was (a) fair comment. | adverse, derogatory, disparaging, hostile, negative, sad, unfair, unfavourable The attack is a sad comment on the public”s understanding of mental illness. | critical Highly critical comments have been made about the conduct of some ministers. a book with critical comment on the various strands of feminism | caustic, ironic, sarcastic, sardonic, scathing, wry | constructive, helpful | cryptic | incisive, interesting, perceptive, shrewd | uninformed | general | detailed | casual, off-the-cuff, passing, throwaway He made a few casual comments to her about her hair and now she”s gone and chopped it all off! This idea deserves more than passing comment. | editorial, official, personal, press, public Editorial comment in ‘The Guardian’ tended to tư vấn the government in this matter. | written | political, social Her novels were a vehicle for shrewd social comment.

VERB + COMMENT have, make, pass If you have any comments, please send them to the above address. She made a cryptic comment about how the film mirrored her life. I would prefer not to pass comment before I have more information on the case. | attract, cause, draw, elicit, excite The programme attracted much adverse comment. | invite, welcome The school has invited comments from parents about the new curriculum. | receive We have received many helpful comments from fellow-sufferers.

PREP. without ~ She accepted his diagnosis without comment. | ~ about/on a general comment on the weather

PHRASES be available/not available/unavailable for comment The minister was unavailable for comment last night. | no comment When asked about the rumours, the chairman replied, ‘no comment’. | a source of comment His visits were the source of much comment.

Từ điển WordNet



explain or interpret something

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. Text embedded in a program for documentation purposes. Comments usually describe what the program does, who wrote it, why it was changed, and so on. Most programming languages have a syntax for creating comments so that they can be recognized and ignored by the compiler or assembler. Also called: remark. See also comment out.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

comments|commented|commentingsyn.: mention note observe remark

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