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a formal statement of the rights of a country”s people, or of an organization or a particular social group, that is agreed by or demanded from a ruler or government:

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a formal statement, esp. by a government or ruler, of the rights of a group organized for some purpose:
a formal statement of the rights of a country”s people, or a particular social group, which is agreed by or demanded from a government, etc.:
in the US, an official document that shows that a company has been formed legally and that controls how it operates:
Commercial banks with a national charter are supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
In terms of specifics, charters usually integrated pre-existing government practices into a form and style modelled on medieval procedures.
Most usually, this corporation provided townsmen with borough status, although certain larger or ” ancient ” corporations were chartered as cities and even counties.
While 85 charters of incorporation or re-incorporation were purchased between 1660 and 1681, between 1682 and 1687 another 134 passed the great seal.

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Expertise thus was built upon recognised teaching methods and schools, chartered professional bodies and close links with the senior wartime administration.
He did so without the need to bestow these formally as a feudal grant or to record the acts in charters of enfeftment.
Though such commissions effectively annulled provisions in corporate charters, their use was entirely within the law of franchises by which such charters were granted.
However, he believes legislators and other actors of the time were mistaken in placing the same concern for corporations chartered for general purposes.
Colonists had extensive experience with written instruments of government, from letters of patent to royal charters to other less formal provisions regarding colonial rule.




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