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Call Of Duty®: Mobile – Call Of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Warzone has a number of game modes, including important tutorials for new players. Here’s what they are and why you should try them all.

This default menu is where you can dive into a Warzone match. Over time, you’ll also see additional modes giving players more ways to experience Warzone. The launch modes are introduced below. For more tactics and greater detail on each mode, you can go here.

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Here’s a quick overview of the Play menu, as well as a breakdown of what each mode entails:


This is where you launch into a game of Warzone. Here are the following distinct modes of play:


Battle Royale

This is the Battle Royale Warzone mode available at launch, Full firesquads of three Operators group up and tackle up to 49 full trios across the massive environment of Verdansk.

Playing in a trio can allow you more time to loot and explore, since you can plan to have a buddy – or even two – defending you at your six. Also, three heads can be better than one when deciding where to drop in, what to loot, and how to clear out any threats.

However, above all else, Battle Royale is a great social experience, whether you play with friends or with random trực tuyến players, as the three of you will be working together to survive and thrive in Verdansk.

Speaking of teamwork, it’s necessary for winning a Battle Royale match; if both those teammates go down, expect some difficult 1v3 situations in your immediate future.

For additional game knowledge and tactics on Battle Royale, go here.



A distinctly different mode of play is Plunder, where the objective is to collect and deposit a certain amount of Cash while battling against other teams across Verdansk. Get as much Cash as you can… and get the win! Certainly, there’s tactical benefits for taking down enemy players that are posing a threat to your wellbeing, but a primary, overriding goal of gathering and depositing Cash is of paramount importance.

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This game mode is for true mercenaries that want to drop into Verdansk, gather in-game Cash via scavenging or Contract completions, optionally depositing this Cash to keep it safely away from rivals, and reaching a maximum Cash value before all the other teams, to secure victory.

Expect a distinctly different style of play and type of tactics to be present here compared to Battle Royale, with more emphasis on continuously acquiring Cash at every opportunity, learning to complete Contracts as proficiently as possible, and tracking down enemy squads to secure their winnings for your own Cash stash!

For additional game knowledge and tactics on Plunder, go here.

Play Tutorials

For those who have never played a battle royale-type game before, or who want to enter their first trực tuyến game with some confidence, not only is this entire guide for you, but also there is an in-game tutorial.

Right below the Play section, there are two distinct tutorial sections available to play: the Orientation Tutorial and the Practice Tutorial. All players will go through the Orientation Tutorial once before infil into a Warzone match, and you’ll have the option to play it again, if you choose. While the Practice Tutorial isn’t mandatory; we highly recommend you play it once before diving into Warzone. There are complete details on the game Tutorials here.



Battle Royale: How to Play: Practice Tutorial

This Solo mini battle royale experience drops you into the Quarry with some AI opponents to further teach you about in-game mechanics.

Here, you’ll learn about infiltrating and parachuting, along with live combat, looting from enemies, and the circle collapse.

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Not only is this experience a proper live fire exercise, but it is also replayable; see how quickly you can eliminate all your opponents, and you may just get a sweet reward.

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