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Fighting games have been my second favorite (RPG is the first ) out of all the video game genres. Not only that it”s very competitive, it makes you think fast and execute strategies right on the spot.

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And one of the best to come up in the PS1 era is Bloody Roar 1. It became very popular that it spawned 4 sequels up to the Playstation 2 era. I remember playing this with my bro, we used to play a lot of fighting games before.

It was originally released as Beastorizer for the arcades in 1997 and was ported to the PS1 by Hudson. I haven”t played the arcade version of it as it wasn”t really popular by then but the PS1 became widely known due to it”s unique fighting style.

Bloody Roar 1 on Vita

Character Selection Screen

Story and Characters


The protagonist of the game and his beast mode is wolf. His mercenary father died of unknown circumstances and is looking for Gado, a thành viên of his father”s unit and the only one who knows the truth of what really happened.


A military genius and the best friend of Yugo”s father. He is a professional mercenary that is expert in many kinds of combat. He lost his sight on one if his eyes when their group got ambushed by hordes of beasts leading to the death of Yugo”s dad. His beast is a lion.


An average housewife with massive toàn thân and her beast is the wild boar. Her daughter was kidnapped and so she set on a journey to find her and at the end of the game, she was able to rescue her where they lived peacefully.


Alice was abducted when she was just a child. During that time, her kidnappers did some horrible experiments to her to turn her into a beast. Eventually, she awakened her powers and her rabbit form was unleashed. She became best friends with Mitsuko”s daughter and escaped her kidnappers but to the expense of leaving her best friend behind. After some time, she decided to fight them and then adopted by Mitsuko as part of the family.


Greg became the ring master of a famous circus group because of his talent in taming and handling animals. When the circus went bankrupt, the group split leaving Greg alone and tried to convince Yugo to join his new circus group. Yugo declines leading to him being the star of his own show because of his gorilla beast form.


He is a master of ninjutsu and beast form is a mole. Not much is known about his background other than he is a master assassin. He was hired as a kidnapper by Tyron Corporation, a company that kidnaps people with beast form for experiments. After the final events, his toàn thân deteriorated making him undergo experiments to evolve.


My favorite character in the BR franchise.

A tiger and master of kung fu. Due to his father neglecting their family, his mom and sister died after one another. He ran away from home and eventually became famous in the underground world turning him into a master assassin. He despise his beast blood.



His real name is Hans. He was nicknamed Fox because of his cruelty even to the weaker and defeated opponents. He despises ugly creatures and is often boasting his good looks to others. He was an orphan and raised in the slums and then eventually turned into a kidnapper and murderer by the evil corporation. He accidentally killed his own mother.


Bloody Roar”s visuals and graphics are quite impressive. Unlike other fighting games that”s usually on an average pace when it comes to action, BR is on a fast paced battle lượt thích it”s on a different level.

The characters move in lightning speed and their models, though are a 3-D can sometimes look lượt thích they”re from an anime in the 90s. But nevertheless, they are very detailed and you would see that in the picture below. The tiger is Long, my personal favorite. He resembles a lot with Lei Wulong from Tekken.

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Sound Effects and Music

Since this is a fast paced fighting game, you wouldn”t really give attention to the sounds and music. You”ll just ignore it due to the focus you need to give when fighting.

However, if you pay attention, you”ll notice that the music are also a bit of speedy and some sensuality in it but kind of average compared to other games on the same genre.

The sound effects are cool though, much lượt thích they”re from anime which I am a big fan of. It suits the battle and there”s the feeling of satisfaction every time you beat an opponent especially when kicking them out of the ring.



Bloody Roar 1 is a 3-D fighting game that has a very fast paced battle system that utilizes speedy combos to defeat your opponent.

There is also the beast bar visible below the health bar that once ready (which is always at the beginning of each battle), you can transform into a beast. Each beasts are unique for each character lượt thích Long turns into a tiger or Bakuryu into a mole.

The beast bar fills up the gauge as you make offensive moves but will turn you back to human once it depletes when you”re on beast mode. Being a beast makes your character stronger and faster that adds extra techniques and attacks which equals to more fun in beating up your opponent.

Then pressing the same button in beast mode will make your character go into rave mode to initiate attacks constantly without the frame stop but also drains your beast bar and eventually turn you back into human.

There are also stages that are breakable which means you can kick your enemy out of the stage defeating him in an instant.

Sample Gameplay


The controls of this game is smooth. Even though it”s fast paced, it”s easy to transition your character from walking to running and then attacking continuously.

It is still not an easy game though, there are still combination buttons to do to execute powerful and aerial combos. But since the buttons are very responsive, it can be done with some training.


This game doesn”t have much to offer when it comes to trả lời of the game. The excitement can come from trying all the characters or practicing combo. But unlockables are almost next to nothing. Things that can be unlocked are just ring less stage or big head characters and such but playing it for hours with a friend will be totally worth it.

If fighting games are your favorite, then this is definitely a great addition to your list. It gives fun and excitement in a very fast paced environment and battle.

All photos without source were taken from my PS Vita and videos were from my Youtube channel.

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