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a.viettingame.vn is a CRM created and designed with small businesses in mind. Using texting, emailing, chatbots, and workflows, a.viettingame.vn automates as many steps in the sales pipeline as possible so that you have more time to devote to your company. a.viettingame.vn successfully combines all the sales and lead management tools you need.


Your CRM will always be at your fingertips with the a.viettingame.vn mobile app available on iOS and Android devices and complete with push notifications. 


Customers will always have 24/7 lead generation when you implement a customizable chatbot on your website to increase engagement.

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Target your leads more effectively, keep branding consistent, and more importantly save time with advanced, yet easy to use sms, email, and workflow automation features.

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Acquire more leads and clients that need your product using advanced sales tools that help you boost conversion rates. Easily manage opportunities and monitor as sales progress through the pipelines.


Keep your customers and keep them happy. Know where they stand, how they feel, and when they need more attention than you thought–without ever needing to inquire.

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Develop relationships rooted in longevity and focused on transparency. With a streamlined communication stream and push notifications you can be sure all your clients receive the attention they need.


See your business take off! Generating new business and growing your customer base is no easy task, but a.viettingame.vn is here to help tư vấn and sustain your growth and success.

Yes! With a.viettingame.vn, each user can connect one or more email accounts that 2-way sync using IMAP. You can then choose which email account to use when contacting different leads and customers

Smart lists let you easily create filter conditions to chop up your leads across any dimension you’d lượt thích to view them in.

Kiểm tra out our client success story to learn more about the effectiveness and results of our lead generation strategies 

An all-in-one sales CRM that does the work for you, so you can focus on high-quality, productive interactions

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