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The most complicated environment – the one consisting of dense agglomerations of people, their dwellings, their means of production, their roads, and their vehicles – are also the most difficult.
Population concentration has its own logic and is not a mechanical consequence of aggregate growth: some of the world”s largest urban agglomerations are located in sparsely populated countries.
I believe that the vast agglomerations in our comprehensive schools have proved destructive of individuality.
Out of the 18 agglomerations discharging into those areas, 14 comply with the requirements of the directive.
Cohesion policy is the basis for implementing the sustainable development of urban agglomerations and rural areas, taking into account their specific character and possibilities.
In 1998 there were many agglomerations of more than 150 000 inhabitants that had still not resolved the issue of waste-water treatment.
Of the 527 agglomerations comprising more than 150 000 inhabitants, 94 discharge their effluent unprocessed into the environment and 134 others provide insufficient information.
The requirement for mapping and action plans would apply to major roads, railways and airports and urban agglomerations.
Of course, matters relating to cities cannot ever be considered without reference to the surroundings of the cities that constitute urban agglomerations.
I know relatively few secondary moderns which are agglomerations in the sense that a number of proposals have been put forward for big cities.
Will they tell us who it is precisely against whom we are called upon to prepare these huge agglomerations of force?
The other ancillary industries grew up close to them—the banks and exchanges, and all the rest—and they formed these vast agglomerations.

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Accidents occur where there are great agglomerations of people going about their ordinary business, and these accidents happen by a mixed contribution of carelessness in different degrees from different classes.
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to invent or make something, such as a speech or a device, at the time when it is needed without already having planned it

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