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(in American football) an occasion when players run directly at the opposing quarterback in order to try to stop him throwing the ball

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The car was launched with a massive truyền thông/advertising blitz, involving newspapers, magazines, television and radio.
the situation in which both players have to make a lot of moves in a very short period at the end of a game of chess, before the time allowed is past
(in American football ) to run directly at the opposing quarterback in order to try and stop him throwing the ball
a short period of time during which a company, government, etc. makes a special effort in a particular area of business or economic activity:
However, although police blitzes may not stamp out the problem and may even move it elsewhere, they show the authorities” willingness to fight drug taking.
The truth of the matter is that the present capital investment ban means that blitzed cities are, in fact, receiving no priority whatsoever.
The poorer of the blitzed towns are assisted by equalisation grants which bring their resources up to the average in the country.
There is in the case of the blitzed cities, the special problem of the difficulty of obtaining suitable sites for development.
I speak as representing a city which has been completely “blitzed,” and there are others in the country in the same condition.

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There have been many kinds of heroism in the “blitzed” towns on the part of young boys and young girls.
Where they have been “blitzed” there are no houses at all, and where they have been blighted the houses ought to be pulled down.
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