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Brand Presentation

1. Product category: Lager Beer.

2. Ingredients: Water, malt Barley, cereal, hops.

3. Packaging:

Can 330 ml – 24 cans/cartonBottle 355 ml – 24 bottles/carton

4. Shelf life: 12 months

5. % Alcohol: 4.3%

6. Language: English

7. Preservation instructions

Preserve in a cool and dry place.Avoid direct heat or sunlight.

Having been available on the market since 1992, Saigon Lager is the preferred beer for millions of Vietnamese beer lovers. Produced through the world’s most advanced modern technology system and supervised by skillful brewers, Saigon Lager delivers fresh, charming and pure Vietnamese taste.


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Largest beer manufacturer in Vietnam with over 140 years of history and development in the beer industry. Our products under Bia Saigon and 333 brands have been widely consumed and exported to over 38 countries worldwide including America, Asia, Oceania, Europe & Africa.

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