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In the first decade of the emirate, the under-funded municipal administrations were failing to carry out many of their most essential tasks.
Rather, a recurrent set of gendered dilemmas involving female autonomy and entitlement have variously intersected with emirate politics and with overarching patterns of social change.
One of the colonial authorities” most pressing concerns in the new emirate was to stabilize the country”s leadership and, par ticularly, its finances.
Indeed, it is arguable that precisely the opposite happened, in the sense that local institutions of emirate government became entrenched.
Therefore, during at least the first decade of the emirate, tribal chieftaincies continued to operate alongside the central government.
Until the end of the decade, nomadic tribes continued to enjoy considerable latitude in the desert, which composed 80 percent of the emirate”s territory.
In 1952, the emirate”s name was added flag, and a red flag with a white border was adopted as an ensign.
The completion date was pushed back from 2011 to 2015, after the emirate cancelled contracts with concrete suppliers, and again to 2017.

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This was necessary in order to maintain control over spiraling borrowing costs, since the relatively poor emirate finances investments by raising funds on financial markets.
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