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In fact, they could be used interchangeably, however, “in contrast with” is more common in UK viettingame.com.

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When we say “contrast with”, CONTRAST is behaving as a verb.

Example: “He likes to contrast his checkered jacket with plain pants” or “his checkered jacket contrasts with his plain pants.”

But when we say “in contrast to”, it is behaving as a noun.

Example: “His checkered jacket stands in contrast to his plain pants.” (As you can see, in this sentence “stands” is the verb).

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The most obvious difference is frequency: “in contrast to” is substantially more common than “in contrast with”.

The Corpus of Contemporary American viettingame.com (COCA) shows “in contrast to” as having a frequency of 4706, compared to “in contrast with” which only has a frequency of 463.

The Google Ngram Viewer indiates that “in contrast to” is more common in the present day in both American and British viettingame.com. However, “in contrast with” does not seem to be an especially new usage: in fact, if the Google Ngram Viewer can be trusted, it was more common than “in contrast to” at one point. I don”t know of any reason to consider “in contrast with” incorrect, unless we treat the mere fact that it is a minority usage as sufficient proof of its incorrectness.

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“contrast with” is used as a verb, but this is a different usage

The verb “contrast” collocates (in present-day viettingame.com) with “with”, and is not often used with “to”, but this isn”t obviously relevant to the use of these prepositions with the noun “contrast”. There are many cases where the idiomatic preposition changes between related words with different parts of speech: although we say that things differ (verb) from one another, different (adjective) notoriously can be used with to, from or than.

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