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I don”t understand the meaning of the term “2.5D.” I”m specifically confused about the difference between 2.5D and 3D environments, even though I”ve read different definitions and articles about both. I understand the parts where 2.5D is lượt thích 3D but I don”t get the parts where 2.5D is different.

So, what does it mean for a game to be 2.5D? For example, is the game shown here 2.5D?


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$egingroup$ This question appears to be off-topic because it is about the features of a particular game. A question asking (only) what the definition of, or meaning of, the “2.5D” term would be appropriate (I feel lượt thích we’ve already got one floating around though), but asking if it a particular game is doesn’t have anything to do with making your game; and asking if you should make a 2.5D game and why is not objective. $endgroup$–user1430 Oct 17 “14 at 15:35

The terms 2D and 3D (as you probably already know) refer to the number of spatial dimensions in a Euclidean world-space. This dimensionality must be an ordinal number; there is no such thing as a half dimension, so the term 2.5D is really a nonsense term, and has no intrinsic meaning. That said, 2.5 is “somewhere between” 2 and 3, so 2.5D generally means something along the lines of “somewhere between 2D and 3D”.

Personally, I use the term to refer to cases where a game”s graphical and logical world-spaces have different dimensionalities. In particular, there are two different variants here:



Another common use of the term (though not one that I use) refers to games which utilize a combination of 3D and billboarded 2D graphics. In this case the term does not describe the logical dimensionality of the game at all. Virtually all 3D games use billboarding in some way or another, including particle systems, distant-object proxies, and in-world UI overlays. Therefore, the term is usually only used when a significant portion of non-background objects use 2D graphics, and the border between 2.5D and 3D is somewhat blurry.

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