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14 Clever Fishing Hacks That Most Beginners Don’T Know, 25 Ultimate Fishing Hacks – viettingame

When you spend more than half the year living on the road, as the viettingame.com Elite Series pros do, finding ways to make life and fishing more efficient is a matter of survival. Here are 25 tips from the pros that will make your bass outings more productive.

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Hack 1All of Davy Hite’s Bass Pro Shops CarbonLite rods are the same color. This makes for confusion when he needs to fetch a rod with a ­particular action from his rod locker or, worse yet, from a slew of rods stuffed in a truck-top rod ­carrier. Hite simplifies this task by wrapping a band of colored tape around the butt of each rod: green for medium action, blue for medium-heavy and red for heavy. This lets him find the rod he needs at a glace.


Hack 2 Hite brings large, bulk spools of line to tournaments so he can keep fresh line on his reels. He has found that the ice bucket in most motel rooms is ideal for holding a bulk spool when he winds on new line.


Hack 3 Seth Feider dons yellow sunglasses whenever he drives his boat during an early morning takeoff or under extremely ­overcast conditions.

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“Regular sunglasses are too dark to see well under those ­conditions,” Feider says. “Yellow lenses brighten everything.”

Hack 4Although Jacob Wheeler is one of the younger Elite Series pros, he doesn’t drive his bass boat on practice days with the hammer-down mentality that affects many youthful bass addicts.

“Young guys love speed,” Wheeler says. “But you can save 50 percent on fuel by running your boat at 4,000 rpm. Running slow also helps you find bass because you might notice something at 40 mph that you wouldn’t see at 70.”

Hack 5Wheeler prefers a hand throttle to a foot throttle. It is similar to having cruise control on a long run. And, when Wheeler runs at crawl speed during practice, he often sits on one leg to get higher so he can better see potential bass hangouts.

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Hack 6When you have a dozen or more rods rigged, as Wheeler often does, it’s easy to forget what size line is on every reel. Wheeler avoids the confusion by writing the line size on a small piece of ­masking tape stuck to the side of the reel.

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